Medical Photoepilation, also known as laser hair removal is the most comfortable, quick and painless way to remove hair on the long run anywhere on the body or face.

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    The removal of hair provides long-term results and carries no side effects.

    It consists in applying a pulse of light going over the patient’s skin, which converts into heat as it is absorbed by the melanin in the hair.

    This heat consumes the hair structure and prevents regrowth.

    The complete hair removal treatment is carried out over several sessions of less than an hour, after which the patient can return to normal activity immediately.

    The number of sessions varies for each patient depending on the thickness and hair color and skin type, the area to be treated and various hormonal factors.

    Each time, it decreases the amount of hair, thickness and frequency of recurrence. Results can be seen even after the first session. .

    Sessions are usually spaced between 6 weeks and 3 months. This frequency ensures that the treatment is performed only when the hair is in the growth phase. This way, fewer sessions are needed.

    Moreover, to achieve the fastest, safest and lasting results, treatment is adjusted to the individual characteristics of each patient: your skin type and skin color, density and location of hair, etc.

    After the treatment, your skin will be perfectly smooth. To maintain good results, we recommend an annual or biannual session.

    Doctor Pablo Umbert