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    • Surgery
      1. Surgical removal of the primary tumor within safety margins according to the depth of tumor.
      2. No palpable regional lymph nodes. If a tumor invasion according to the technique of sentinel node is confirmed Selective Lymphadenectomy. Indication of the sentinel node technique: DEPTH> 1mm.
      3. Adenopatías regionales palpables. Palpable regional lymph nodes. Elective Lymphadenectomy: Removal of affected lymph nodes.
    • Additional treatment to surgery of the primary tumor. Specific immune-therapy with interferon alpha 2b. Indications: depth> 1.5 mm or lymph nodes histologically confirmed.
    • Surgical treatment, radiotherapy, chemotherapy. Metastasis of the malignant melanoma according to its location and size..
    • Anti-tumor vaccines. Genetic Therapy

    Doctor Pablo Umbert