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Phototherapy is a comfortable and painless treatment that can be used along with oral and topical treatments for acne.

As far as oral and topical treatments, Dr.Pablo Umbert makes individualized topical treatments for his patients depending on each case. In cases of severe acne the application of peels, microdermabrasion and biomasks can also be considered. All of these treatments are performed at Beautyderm.


The blue light therapy complements topical and oral acne treatments in a non-aggressive way.

It consists of applying a pulse of blue light, which penetrates the skin and destroys the bacteria causing acne. It is a suitable treatment for acne on an inflammatory phase, which is the stage where the bacteria are most active.

The complete treatment of acne phototherapy is performed over several sessions of less than an hour, after which the patient can return to normal activity immediately.

In some cases there may be a reaction within days of the session, but the reaction is not durable.

The number of sessions varies depending on the degree of involvement of acne and skin type.Usually, two weekly sessions are normally conducted. After a few weeks a clear improvement of the lesions will be observed.

The benefits of this treatment are progressive, so improvements will be seen as treatments are conducted .Photodynamic treatment is a good option for severe acne in pregnant women were other treatments cannot be used. Two sessions could be sufficient to see an improvement.

Doctor Pablo Umbert

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