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Immediate cancer diagnosis


We are pioneers in this diagnosis, which in 15 minutes identifies a possible skin cancer.

Surgery of MOHS


The surgical technique for non-melanoma, the best curative and cosmetic results.

skin cancer detection


Our detailed information to recognize, prevent and treat skin cancer.

Pioneer Doctor in Mohs surgery technique

  • More than 200 cases treated annually
  • 99% cure rate in primary carcinomas
  • This technique preserves the most healthy tissue

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The Master Formula of
Dr. Pablo Umbert

Dr. Pablo Umbert is one of the pioneer doctors in Spain in terms of master formulation applied in the dermatological field.
His extensive experience allows him to accurately diagnose and apply the most advanced treatments found in dermatological health, achieving optimal results.
In the following video series, Dr. Pablo Umbert explains first hand his procedures and success stories.

An early diagnosis and treatment

Weekly Activity Professor and Doctor Pablo Umbert

Teaching activity Professor Pablo Umbert

Teaching Research cutaneous

Tuesday to Thursday 8.00h to 9.00h

Resident session,

Pathological clinical correlations

Tuesday 9.30h to 13.00h

Mohs's Micrographic Surgery (CMM)

Thursday 9.00h to 10.00h

Bibliographic session

Monthly information about greatest scientific magazines

Teaching activity

Friday 8.00h to 13.00h

Mohs's Micrographic Surgery (CMM)

Dermatological surgery

Oncological surgery

Teaching given by Dr. Pablo Umbert

Medical activity Dr. Pablo Umbert

Cutaneous consults


Monday / Wednesday / Friday

Private consultation

Afternoons 16.00h to 19.30

Tuesday / Thursday

Private consultation

Afternoons 16.00h to 19.30

Tuesday / Thursday

Private consultation

Dr. Pablo Umbert researching   cutaneous cancer


University Hospital Sagrat Cor of Barcelona

Corachàn Clinic. Dermatological Institute Dr Pablo Umbert

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