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The Facial Mesotherapy treatment is a complete revitalization and deep hydration treatment, which stimulates reaffirms, restructures and repairs skin lacking in brightness, tone, elasticity and firmness.

Although usually applied on the face, it may be also used for the neck, chest and back of hands.


Mesotherapy or facial intradermotherapy prevents and combats the symptoms of skin aging.

It works by infiltrating small but numerous punctures on the skin with a mixture of hyaluronic acid and multivitamins to promote cell activation and synthesis of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

The full Facial Mesotherapy treatment requires several sessions. The specific number and frequency of application vary depending on the condition being treated and the patient's response.

Results are progressive and are already visible from the first session, after which the skin is visibly more hydrated. As more sessions are completed, the complexion becomes more luminous and uniform. Restructures sagging skin and recovers its density. Face clearly seems less tired and more rejuvenated.

Mesotherapy might be mildly uncomfortable but it is not a painful technique. The patient can resume normal activities after the session. You may notice a slight itching, redness, or discomfort in the treated area.

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