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What is Digital Dermatoscopy?

Digital dermatoscopy is one of the most modern and accurate methods for detecting changes in pigmented skin lesions.

Pigmented skin lesions, such as moles or nevi, can lead to melanoma. For this reason, regular monitoring of pigmentation patterns is very important.

Pigmented lesions should be monitored, there are some warning signs that indicate that the lesion is active. These signs are known as the ABCDE rule: asymmetry of the mole, irregular border, non-uniform coloration, diameter greater than 6mm, and evolution.

There are also other risk factors for the development of melanoma, among which the following stand out:

  • Having a large number of freckles
  • Light phototype: light skin and eye color.
  • Family or personal history of skin cancer
  • Having significant changes in freckles
  • Having suffered major burns as a child or adolescent
  • Frequent outdoor activities or work

How is a digital Dermatoscopy performed?

Digital dermoscopy is performed by carrying out a microscopic examination of the entire surface of the skin, locating lesions, photographing them and representing them on complete body maps.

  • Thanks to this digital technique, we can diagnose all those high-risk lesions and make a premature evaluation that will facilitate treatment and cure.
  • Once the study is completed, each patient will obtain microscopic images of all pigmented lesions to facilitate control, analysis and monitoring by the dermatologist and decide which ones to remove or not, depending on each mole.

Where to do a digital Dermatoscopy?

At BeautyDerm we perform digital dermoscopy studies to determine, check and follow up skin pigmentations.

Our team of dermatology specialists perform the study in a single session. It is then repeated on a frequent basis, either annually or semi-annually depending on the patient's risk of developing melanoma.

The digital dermoscopy technique incorporates an image archiving system that makes it possible to compare all subsequent examinations performed. Thanks to this feature, it is easier to detect and observe the slightest changes, either in shape or color, of the pigment.

BeautyDerm is a dermatological clinic linked to the Pablo Umbert Dermatological Institute, one of the reference centers in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.

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