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BeautyDerm is a dermatological multidisciplinary clinic specializing in Dermo-Cosmetic treatments. Beautyderm is integrated with the Dermatology Institute of Dr. Umbert in Clinica Corachán in Barcelona. BeautyDerm performs all dermatological andcosmetic treatments related to skin, nails and hair.

Its Director, Dr. Pablo Umbert and his partners work in unison, always following Dr.Pablo protocol and guidelines.

  • Dr. Javier Forteza dermatologist.

  • Dra Andrea Borja, Dra. Indira White Dermo Aesthetic Specialist.

  • Dra. Maribel Lopera in our Anti Aging and Nutrition Unit.

  • Nursing Team and Secretary.

  • Ms. Monica Umbert, Coordinator of the different units and treatments.

Therapeutic criteria are very strict. We follow the recommendations of the American and Spanish Society of Dermatology. In most cases we can incorporate treatments within 24-48 hours.

Beautyderm offers the most advanced technology in the exploration and skin cosmetic treatments:

  • Unit pigmentation, skin spots and tattoo removal.

  • Aging Unit: study of the skin, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, mesotherapy with vitamins, hyaluronic acid, infiltration of autologous serum and fat from the same patient (PRP), botulinum toxin, photodynamic therapy and different laser resurfacing treatments.

  • Capillary Unit in coordination with the Institute PUM, micro grafting with permanent results which we especially use today on Female Androgenic Alopecia.

Innovation: We are able to perform a genetic study through a blood sample that allows us to analyze on a molecular level any cellular biochemical deficiencies or excesses allowing us to prescribe a personalized diet. It also allows us to assess the biological age and the changes that should be performed to lengthen the genetic telomeres.


What are the greatest demands from patients?

Facial treatments, wrinkle removal, lip care, spot removal, tattoos, hair loss, laser hair removal, weight loss and nutrition.

What is the Dermocosmetic study?

A study of the skin through an exploration on its surface using high-tech techniques and resolution. It is the first step to assess what type of skin treatment the dermatologist will prescribe.

Allows for a qualitative and quantitative diagnosis with excellent accuracy on the health condition of the skin: hydration, fat, elasticity, acidity, porosity, depth of wrinkles, etc. And on the effects of cosmetics that are applied.

From this in depth diagnosis we propose a set of custom treatments for each patient always taking other factors into consideration such as seasonality (time of the year) and patients age.

Unlike commercial products that are not permitted to use active ingredients, we provide custom formulas made specifically for our patients specific needs that act more deeply into the skin. Superior results are achieved.

Does aging affect deeper layers of our skin?

Yes. We get the best results with the different options provided from our team of Doctors in our Dermoestetic Unit along with our Plastic Surgeon if deemed necessary (facelifts, blepharoplasty, liposuction, etc.).

What is your occupation?

Care and teaching at the University Hospital in problem cases. As a Dermatopathologist, I provide histopathological diagnosis through biopsies. As a specialist in skin cancer, I perform DIC immediate diagnosis for skin tumors and as a pioneer in therapeutic microscopically controlled surgery called “MOHS” on facial, high-risk and relapsing tumors.

On a Dermocosmetic level, I recommend treatments to be gradually completed looking for the best results within cost-effective parameters.

Doctor Pablo Umbert

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